Newberg’s own computer and networking resource serving small businesses and individuals for over 27 years.  COVID-19 Procedures

Stop in and see Clare or Bill for answers to your computer and networking questions. We primarily work on Windows-based PC’s but often solve tablet, MAC and smartphone issues as well.  We strive to refer you to someone who can resolve your issue if we can’t.

Click Teamviewer for remote support.

PLEASE call us if you get disk errors or blue screens.  The Windows techniques to restore or refresh your operating system most often will weaken or destroy the ability to recover your personal information stored on the disk drive.  It is far more efficient for you and us to replace the existing hard drive in the PC BEFORE it fails completely.  Many have heard our half-flat tire analogy, HD problems always get worse and NEVER heal themselves.

BEWARE:  Several customers have been caught up in wire transfer scams.  Usually targeting business transactions, they succeed when there is no individual contact other than email to complete the transaction.  An email is used (usually masquerading as s business partner) to initiate wire transfers of over $100,000.  We know of two circumstances in our area where these transfers were completed and the money moved to the fraudulent parties.  The exact workings of the scams are as yet unknown.  ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK WIRE-TRANSFER REQUESTS WITH AN ALTERNATE CONTACT SUCH AS VOICE-TO-VOICE.