Got a NEW computer?  Great time to bring both the old and the new to our shop to transfer your data.  $65 takes care of this for most customers.  While it is on the bench we can also get rid of the “bloat-ware” and make sure your PC is groomed out with the latest utilities for $40 if you want the grooming without a data copy.

SO, a pop-up on your PC-screen told you to call the “Microsoft” experts OR you received a phone call claiming they can see your PC is having/causing problems. Either scam is just that, a SCAM! Please do not waste your time responding to these, DO NOT let them access your computer and double-please do not give them your credit card number.  Click this link for extensive explanation on how your PC gets infected.

We offer a full PC tune up for $90 and it usually takes a day to get through the scans and adjustments on your computer. You can expect a “factory-fresh” result and be assured that we back our work completely.

Experts in the field agree there is not one solution to every pop-up or slow-down problem for PC users.  Check out this YouTube video to see one shop’s comparison of “Fix Me Stick” and others. We administer between 4 and 7 programs that search out and eradicate virus and malware problems on your computer. In addition, our tune-up includes manually removing bad start-up programs and browser add-ons.

Our PC TUNE-UP achieves that “factory fresh” look and feel with the list below.  Based on the symptoms, we vary the sequence of repairs for the best outcome.


If your internet is working and you need REMOTE SUPPORT just click on this link to launch ROC Help.  Once it starts, give us a phone call and we’ll be able to connect to your PC to give you onsite service without physically being there.


Personal BACKUP

Business BACKUP