Can You Run Windows 11 and why would you want to?

We’ll start at the conclusion and then review the details.

Don’t buy a new PC for Windows 11 or Windows 11 just yet.

Windows 11 will be a free update for those running legitimate copies of Windows 10.  The “want to” is simple, Windows 11 will provide significant security features and enhancements.  Some characterize it as becoming more “Apple-like” in security capabilities.

Microsoft is expected to provide a new version of their PC Health Check utility before the actual Windows 11 launch.  The original version of this utility debuted and then was pulled back due to it’s unforgiving and uninformative nature.

As far as which CPU chips can be expected to work, the street wisdom is that anything made before 2017 is probably out of luck.

Specific requirements that are already known and likely to stay are:

Secure Boot
At least 1 ghz CPU speed
64 bit capable CPU
TPM 2.0 is announced but TPM 1.2 may make the cut

Again, word on the street is that some requirements may be circumvented by editing the registry on less capable spec’d PCs but the spec’s may prevail in the actual launch version of Windows 11 or later updates so this is not recommended by ROC.