I have a distinct recollection, you may also recall, about 10 being the last version number of Windows.  Well I guess almost 10 years have passed and Microsoft has changed their mind and recently announced Windows 11.  As with all new operating systems, our recommendation will be to let someone else get the “bleeding edge” experiences out of the way before jumping on the bandwagon.  6 months to a year sounds like a good plan to us.  Microsoft will apparently support Windows 10 until October of 2025 so there is no particular hurry to switch plus it will likely require new/current hardware.  Our rule-of-thumb for the last major switch was that if your system was running Windows 7 OK, it should also run Windows 10 so no hardware upgrade was required.  This will not be the case for Windows 11.  At ROC we are planning to load up the “Insiders” version of Windows 11 when we get the right PC for it but we will not be rushing to do so.  Should you have a compelling reason to get there sooner we can offer advice for backing up, etc. so let us know.