Based on their warnings, Microsoft quit supporting Windows 7 in January 2020.  But, as of February 6, 2021, graduating a legitimate 7 or 8 license to Windows 10 is free from Microsoft.  That may not last forever.  Have us graduate your PC to Windows 10 for $55.

Windows 10 is a very functional PC operating system for individual users.  Now on its 9th major revision (#20H2), the operating system has proven itself to be stable.  We’ve been running this version for the last several months with no glitches so far.

Some frustration is reported with the weekly Windows update process when it takes a long time, just consider it the price we pay for keeping Windows 10 safe from hackers.  Best advice =  PLEASE BE PATIENT!  Remember, we are rubbing elbows with billions of other internet users and some of them are pick-pockets.

If you are having trouble reaching a web destination using the new Edge browser, try Chrome or Firefox browsers to see if they succeed at your task.  (Old Internet Explorer is not maintained any longer and should not be used.)  Web-sites, especially financial, are often revising their security to keep up with the ever changing browsers so please try an alternative browser before giving up as the difficulty may be browser specific.