Do You NEED a new PC for Windows 11?

Windows 11 was released some time ago and is now standard on most new PCs.  Someday you will “want to” make the change.  Windows 11 will provide significant security features and enhancements.  Some characterize it as becoming more “Apple-like” in security capabilities.  And, you’ll be able to run (some) Android Apps in W11.

If you are buying a new PC, you can still postpone the switch from Windows 10 to 11 by shopping carefully for PCs with W10.  Functionally they are the same but there will be a learning curve to get acquainted with where things are now located.  Microsoft has stated they will maintain W10 until October, 2025.  Windows 11 will be a free update for those running legitimate copies of Windows 10 at least until that date but most older computers (made prior to 2017)  cannot run W11.

Some customers choose to extend the life (usually less than $200 per PC) of their existing systems by having us switch them to Solid State Drive (SSD) storage and increasing the PC’s memory thereby postponing the large expenditure and the Windows 11 learning curve.

Should you decide to move forward and purchase a new system here’s the minimum specifications we encourage you to consider for either W10 OR W11:

  • Intel Core-I5 or better CPU
  • 8 GB or more memory
  • 256 GB or larger SSD (do not buy a PC with an older spinning hard drive)

Our typical fee for moving data to a new PC is $65 plus $25 each for setting up quickbooks, office, email or other customer supplied programs.